Providing a fully integrated service for the audio industry.

We create full studio design concepts, teach and produce audio and audiovisual content for musical artists, labels, filmmakers and corporate entities.

Mixing, Editing Services

KONSTRUKT provides analog and digital recording and mixing services

The goal of creating a pre-master is to sonically enhance your recordings and get the best out of the audio before sending recorded audio to mastering. KONSTRUKT delivers professional quality audio at prices indie artists can afford.

We offer either attended sessions if you can make it to our local studio in Berlin, Germany, and also online mixing for various clients via the internet.

This includes a range of analogue and digital processing

  • Noise reduction (if necessary)
  • Balance levels and panorama (Gain Staging)
  • Quantizing
  • Detailed EQ to add clarity, silk, crisp and punch to your mixes
  • Tighten your instruments and tracks with compression
  • Harmonic saturation processing to add warmth
  • Vocal/instrument correction/tuning/processing
  • Perfect your stereo image
  • Creating depth and wideness to your tracks
  • Automation (volume, EQ, effects sends etc.) to avoid static mixes and add movement, interest and complexity to the mix
  • Analog Summing to add analogue warmth to your digital tracks

Audio Production

We love music and music composition. A deftly combination of beats, tones, melodies and contemporary concepts.

Our creative audio compositions and unique sound design trigger and modulate the full spectrum of a listener’s emotions, influence listener behavior and responses.

We offer services of (ghost/co-) production, remixing and create custom music composition based on your specifications. We create outstanding audio for cinematics and score original music for your trailer, commercial, showreel or video game.

For our audio production services we use digital and classic analog hardware synthesizers and drum machines from brands like Roland, Moog, Korg, Akai, Yamaha, Access, Crumar, Arturia, Novation, Kawai and Vermona/MAM.

This includes

  • Sound Design
  • Songwriting/Composition/Arrangement
  • (Co-/Ghost) Production
  • Overdub Recordings
  • Drum Replacement
  • Samples Production
  • Remixing
  • Beat Programming/Production
  • Sample Library Creation

Consulting Services/Artist Care

Room Acoustic & Studio Design:
Measurements, Consulting, Planning and Simulation

Great sound anywhere, at any budget. We design rooms for music and audio/video production and make your environment sound better.

Getting good sound out of a room involved more that just good equipment.
Even in the digital age, where audio plugins can faithfully recreate the sound of expensive vintage audio gear, there is no substitute for the unique acoustic characteristics of a great sounding room.

Specialized in small and medium sized home and project studios for artists, audio professionals or audiophiles, we provide comprehensive on-site acoustical and soundproofing consultations where we can assess your specific situation and offer you a custom solution that fits your unique needs and budget.

We provide solutions for all budgets: From the sound optimization of existing rooms up to the complete planning and construction of a professional studio facility.

We use custom made and commercial products and provide complete consultant, design, construction and installation services and can take the guesswork out of all of your sound design needs.

Advanced design solutions

A review of the systems current acoustic design, done by performing critical listening and taking acoustical measurements.

Acoustic Treatment Design

Determining what acoustic treatment is required to solve the room acoustic issues. Depending on your needs and preferences, we offer a mix of commercial and custom made absorber panels, reflectors and diffusers, or we will give you advice on how to create your own, based on our designs.

System Setup

During this step we systematically optimized system setup, first focusing on bass response and then on imaging/soundstaging, including:

  • Subwoofer setup (determine the crossover frequency, slope and phase)
  • Speaker boundary interference optimization. (speaker placement to avoid cancelations)
  • Room mode optimization (optimize the listening position)

Consulting Services/Artist Care

Technical Studio Concepts:
Pro Audio and Recording Studio Consulting

Gear Selection:
Equipment and Software Recommendations

Thinking about building a studio but confused by all the equipment options or finding your ideal workflow?

We will make recommendations for equipment and software purchases for artists (studio/live) and project/recording studios.

Want to upgrade your current system? We can work with you to design a system that fits your vision.

We understand that the music industry is a very expensive one in which to work.

That is why we want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting right off the bat and that the gear you purchase will be the right gear for your situation and whether that means an all-at-once project or a step-by-step modular approach, we're with you at every turn.

System Design and Integration

KONSTRUKT can help you design and integrate digital recording systems, networks, and most types of storage subsystems.

Technical support/DJ service

  • studio gear set up
  • audio software configuration and performance optimization
  • DJ gear/turntable calibration, customization & service

Teaching Services

We provide studio consulting lessons, including instruction in (home) recording engineering.

We can help your workflow be more efficient, advance your recording, mixing and DJ skills.

If you're brand new to the world of audio production or recording and want to take some audio beginner classes, we can do that too! Bespoke training - from the basics to the complex - I can tailor it to meet your learning requirements.

We offer Master Classes and private one-on-one consulting in

  • Synthesizer/synthesis
  • Recording/Audio Production
  • Sound design, arrangement and songwriting
  • DJing
  • Apple Logic
  • Ableton Live & Max for Live
  • Avid Pro Tools

Hand-on lessons

Before we meet each other, we ask ask our clients to write down the problems, issues and topics that they want to cover, and that becomes the lesson plan we follow.

The advantage of this method is I give personalized instruction on how to operate your gear in your personal working environment.

Audio restoration and transfer services

We offer audio restoration services for legal, forensic and personal applications. This includes cleaning, repairing and fixing of bad, noisy audio recordings, removing background noise, forensic audio enhancement and so on.

If you have music on a platform no longer supported, we offer a professional music transfer service. We convert most formats of audio media which can be loaded on a hard drive.
The source can be nearly any format: Vinyl record, compact disc, cassette, Sony MiniDisc (MD), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), hard drive, SACD etc.

All equipment involved in the transfer process are professional studio standard, calibrated and guaranteed to get the exact sound you desire.

Audio communication, Sonic Identity, Sound Branding

We develop an audio brand that stands out and gets heard.

KONSTRUKT provides a holistic sound aesthetic by developing an unique Audio DNA for your company to strengthen your brand equity, customer satisfaction and productivity.

We produce custom audio that match your brand attributes and tone of voice.

Hourly rate

50 €

per hour


Every project is unique. As such, each job is individually quoted based upon its complexity and price varies.. Rates are quoted upon review and assessment of components submitted.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Daily Rate

350 €

full day (8 hours)

We speak German and English.

For more details about the services offered, or just a chat … please get in touch using our contact page.

KONSTRUKT sound works

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Olga-Benario-Prestes-Straße 4

10407 Berlin
+49 (0) 1573 76543 98


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