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    Data Delivery FAQ

    File format

    All files should be consolidated 24Bit WAV/AIFF raw mono (exept stereo synths, pianos, drum overheads, room-/fx tracks …) audio files starting at the start position with no limiting or clipping (6 dB Headroom) oder 32 Bit floating point and at a sampling rate of 44.1khz to 192khz. No mp3s, wmv, or other non standard or compressed audio formats.

    Tempo information

    Please include Tempo/Meter information if the track is recorded to a fixed tempo. This information is not required if no click or fixed tempos were used.


    All files should be correctly labeled, such as „kick_in.wav“, „kick_out.wav“, „snare_top.wav“, „snare_btm.wav“, „bass_moog.wav“ and so forth. Keep the labelling scheme to as few letters as possible. Be as specific as possible with labelling.

    Do not include additional takes or playlists unless necessary.


    All files should be delivered with no bus compression or limiting. Bus effects to be printed separately.

    Guiding Tracks/Reference Tracks

    If possible, please include reference tracks of other artists or some sort of additional musical guide tracks (320 kbps is okay).

    Depending on what is being edited, this could be a stereo bounce file of all the instruments, just the drum-bus, or some combination of different instruments.

    Being very careful that what is being edited is not included in your musical guide.

    KONSTRUKT sound works

    Patrick Neumann
    Olga-Benario-Prestes-Straße 4

    10407 Berlin

    +49 (0) 1573 76543 98


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