“Meet the people
for whom hearing is believing”

KONSTRUKT Sound Works is a dedicated audio service agency for electronic music and experimental electronics and a home of obsessive audiophilia.

Who we are

Our services are aimed at meeting the needs of artists, labels and contemporary music producers and supporting them throughout the entire process of creation, production and presentation of their music.

Our custom-built precision studio, located in Berlin-Lichtenberg, will ensure your music has our full attention in every detail.

This institution was founded by Patrick Neumann, a freelance audio engineer, music producer, studio designer, musician, lecturer and audio consultant based in Berlin, Germany.

Starting out recording demos for his former bands and friend’s bands between 1999 and 2005, he always had a passion for music and recording. Born in eastern Germany in the 1980s, and raised in the city of Trier, he had been living and working in the Netherlands and Luxembourg for several years, before he moved to Berlin in 2008 and started pursuing audio as a profession and producing electronic music under various monikers.

He holds a Master of Music degree in Sound Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design and he is currently working as an audio consultant, mixing engineer, composer and sound designer.

Since he is a musician, songwriter, DJ and electronic music producer himself, he knows the importance of getting the sound and vibe right in a song.
With his help you can get exactly the sound you are looking for!

He believes the beauty and intricacy of the world, especially in the audio world, did not happen by mere chance; and therefore he is also very passionate about research in the field of cognitive neuroscience of music and the intersection of neurology, auditory cognition and sound, or rather the Integration of psychophysics with neurophysiology.

Let’s talk.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch.
We speak German and English.

KONSTRUKT sound works

Patrick Neumann
Olga-Benario-Prestes-Straße 4

10407 Berlin

+49 (0) 1573 76543 98


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