The missing link between art and science

“We try to bridge the gap
between the art and the science
of electronic music.”

KONSTRUKT is a Berlin-based mixing/music production studio and audio consultancy which specialises in the world of underground electronic music.

Who we are

Meet the people for whom hearing is believing

KONSTRUKT SoundWorks is a dedicated audio service agency for electronic music and a home of obsessive audiophilia. Our services are aimed at meeting the needs of artists, labels and contemporary music producers and supporting them throughout the entire process of creation, production and presentation of their music.

Our custom-built precision studio, located in Berlin-Lichtenberg, will ensure your music has our full attention in every detail.

“Music and its accurate reproduction can provide some of life’s great pleasures. KONSTRUKT SoundWorks is a place where beautiful art meets wonderous technology”

This institution was founded by Patrick Neumann, a freelance audio engineer, music producer, studio designer, lecturer & audio consultant based in Berlin, Germany.


Enjoy good music in the quality it deserves!

Music is one of the most prominent feature in our lives - in the club, while working out, relaxing, or hanging out with friends, when we wake up, during or commutes to work, and pretty much everywhere we go. Our goal is to help good artists get the sound they envision in their mind to playback through the speakers for everyone to hear.

We ensure that your unique piece of art will sound the best it can on all speaker systems, streaming platforms, media formats, and devices.

Mixing & Editing Services

An amazing master is only as good as its mixdown. We offer professional and affordable mixing and editing services in either digital or analog form. Entrust KONSTRUKT to provide you with a fully polished and expertly engineered mixdown.

Production & Sound Design

We offer services of ghost production, remixing and create custom music composition based on your specifications. We create outstanding audio for cinematics, trailer, commercial, showreel or video game.

Audio Restoration and Transfer Services

We specialize in Audio Restoration services for legal, forensic and personal applications and offer a professional music transfer service, if you have music on a platform no longer supported.

Audio Communication, Sonic Identity, Sound Branding

KONSTRUKT provides a holistic Sound Aesthetic by developing an unique Audio DNA for your company and/or brand to strengthen your brand equity, customer satisfaction and productivity.

Consulting/Studio Design Services

We currently provide professional consulting for the design and redesign of small and medium size project studios including acoustic treatments, IT system integration and equipment purchases. If you are considering building and equipping a recording studio, we can take care of the complete planning, design and construction of your new AV facility.

Teaching Services/Technical Support

We provide technical/practical training and streamlined workflow for composers, producers and artists to facilitate maximum potential, teach you core technical skills while unlocking your unique creative process, let you access real-world insights and help you personalize your own audio/music education.


Audio services that suit your needs and budget.

Besides traditional, studio-related, audio engineering tasks such as mixing tracks, editing audio, sound design and music production, we offer studio design services, system integration and technical support, working with each client's specific needs and budget.

Through many years experience we also provide master classes, workshops and other training courses.

All Services

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KONSTRUKT sound works

Patrick Neumann
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